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Buenos Aires, (EFE).- At just 23 years old, Jonathan Morel and Leonardo Sosa are in the Argentine spotlight. They founded the Revolution Federal, a group of young people who, with torches and even a wooden guillotine, spent months casually eclipsing the government, which now accuses them of possible links to the attack on Cristina Fernandez.

In an interview with Efe, the two boys refused to be “neo-Nazis”, as some official media and figures define them, and have anything to do with the attack: “I only spoke against the government. If four madmen want to kill someone , then let justice work,” explains Morel at his Buenos Aires carpentry shop in the city of Boulogne.

Last week, the Federal Intelligence Agency presented to the judge investigating the attack on the vice president, which took place on September 1, an audio of a transmission on Twitter before the attack, in which Morell played up the idea of ​​infiltrating followers. Fernandez to relegate it to “history”.

Also with an accidental assassination of his son Deputy Maximo Kirchner or Argentine President Alberto Fernandez.

The young man now relativizes these expressions and clarifies: “No one has to go kill a politician, it does not cost us two pesos, we keep them enough”, but makes it clear that he would prefer “politicians to die”. “, that they “begin to catch a disease”.

Sosa commented that they did not know the four people arrested for the botched attack, although some photos show one of them, the attacker’s girlfriend, at the Federal Revolution march against the government.

“What they’re doing is a kind of revenge against us,” he said, referring to the intelligence office’s allegations and denied that, as some media leaked, a business friend of former liberal president Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) financed it. Revolution federal.

Lose the “fear” of politicians

“Federal Revolution” group member Jonathan Morel poses during an interview with IF in Buenos Aires (Argentina). EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

‘Johnny’ and ‘Leo’ met last April at a meeting of followers of the liberal Javier Milli – an economist whose ‘anti-caste’ political rhetoric has a strong influence on youth – but considered what was proposed “quite childish”. ” They decided to separate themselves and take action.

Since then, his protests against politicians – particularly from the government – have been met with backlash for their anti-Kirchnist slogans, such as “all prisoners, dead or exiled” and carrying a guillotine made of torches and morels.

For Jonathan, violence is not what they do, but “poverty, unemployment, impoverishment, the messages that politicians send to society, contempt, showing that they are far from reality, they don’t care how they live, who just live. to finance themselves».

“It was just a desperate cry that we could hear them. The guillotine has been put away, there is no need to use it anymore, what was wanted has already been achieved, it is not a weapon”, he stressed, stressing that they express what people think: that they do not feel represented and that politicians are -among other bad qualifications- a “thief (thief), corruptor and mafioso”.

“The federal revolution will not only be a wake-up call for politicians to say, ‘Please, listen to us,’ but also a call for reflection for citizens: ‘Get involved, lose your fear,'” commented Sosa.

A staunch anti-Kirchnerism

“Federal Revolution” group member Jonathan Morel poses during an interview with IF in Buenos Aires (Argentina). EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

The organization’s leaders claim that they feel a certain affinity only with Mile, and although they rail against the “warmth and good behavior” of Macri’s opposition coalition, they support the party of Peronism led by President Fernández between 2007 and 2015. Center your goal.

“Kirchnerism is cancer, metastasis. Kirchnerism, Peronism. You cannot talk to these people. They have already shown who they work for, only for themselves, because not even for the poor. The poor are not given two boxes of noodles, their dignity. Given, the possibility to act,” commented Morel.

The boy, who declares himself bisexual, is “part of the collective that they (Kirchnerists) claim to protect”, decrying the “double standards and stories” of that political group: “Because I was born poor, black, in the country. In the city, I have a jet father, a 16-year-old single mother… He would be the ideal Kirchnerist son, what if I don’t think like them and that’s why they attack me, “he insists .

Heard also grapples with corruption charges facing the vice president: “I’ve got cotillions saved and cider to uncork,” he warns when he imagines he’ll be found guilty.

‘We don’t want to leave the country’

Now with no intention of running for office, they believe that their place is to shout in the face of the politicians who “shit” Argentina – which has dragged through years of crisis, high inflation and poverty – and update policies.

“There are things that can no longer be fought, there is no reason to fight them: homosexuality must be accepted, gender too (…) Politicians want to divide, and the federal revolution precisely counters this. We have managed to unite puto (gay) with the extreme right,” adds Carpenter.

As the trial decides whether to press charges against Fernandez for the attack, Jonathan and Leonardo hope to show up again soon. “There are many of us who want to move on, those of us who don’t want to leave the country, so let’s stay and fight,” Morel concluded.

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