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Vitoria (EFE).- The places of interest Increases in the Basque Country in the summer, especially in July and August, by 14% compared to the same month in 2019, the last pre-pandemic summer.
In particular, Basque hotels received 780,797 people, up from 685,117 in summer 2019 and 649,848 (+20.1%) last year.
Overnight stays between July and August this year, 1,605,078, which is 8.9% more than in 2019 and 18.9% more than last year.
Hotel occupancy rates during this period also show a recovery in the activity of these establishments, when measured by beds at 75.2% and by rooms at 83%.
By province, occupancy rates by rooms reached 87.8% in Gipuzkoa, 78.6% in Álava and 80.3% in Bizkaia in July and August.

Guggenheim, summer tourist record.  EFE/Miguel Tona

Good data in August

The cumulative data for the two summer months comes after tourist arrivals at hotels in August neared 400,000, up 11.2% from the same month last year.
Specifically, tourist arrivals reached 397,611, which is higher than those registered in the same month of 2019 before Covid, when there were 357,035.
Overnight stays, 839,058, also registered an increase of 7.5% in a year and compared to the last pre-pandemic year, when 780,269 were made.
In August 2022 49% of total arrivals and 45.1% of overnight stays had a foreign origin, figures that significantly exceed the 31.2% and 27% they represented in August 2021 and also, to a lesser extent, observed in August 2019, when 47.9 % of arrivals and 43.5% of overnight stays are of foreign origin.

Bizkaia: the most visited region

In August 2022, 14.1% occupancy in hotel establishments was recorded in Álava, 47.2% in Bizkaia and 38.7% in Gipuzkoa.
Regarding overnight stays, Álava made 105,370, 12.6% of the total; Bizkaia 387,828, 46.2% of the total, and Gipuzkoa 345,860, 41.2%.
The Basque Statistics Institute-Eustat reported this Wednesday that the increase in arrivals and overnight stays compared to the same month of the previous year was not homogeneous in each region.
In the number of admissions, Bizkaia increased by 17.3%, Álava by 13% and Gipuzkoa by 3.9%. For overnight stays, the interannual variation was 9.8% in Bizkaia, 7.4% in Álava and 5% in Gipuzkoa.
By capital, the number of tourists increased by 18.4% in Bilbao, 14.9% in Vitoria and 3.6% in San Sebastián. Similarly, overnight stay growth reached 11.6% in Bilbao, 9.3% in Vitoria and 5.3% in San Sebastián.

Bilbao thrives on tourism.  EFE/Lewis Wave

Below average stay

Despite this good data, the average length of stay in the Basque Country in August 2022 was 2.11 days, lower than that obtained in the same month of 2021, which was 2.18 days.
Occupancy rates reached 78.4% when measured by beds and 85.3% by rooms. Relative to August 2021, the increase was 1.3 and 2.7 percentage points respectively.
The values ​​presented for the occupancy rate in August 2019 were virtually restored, which were 79.6% by beds and 84.9% by rooms.

Thus, the tourism sector of the Basque Country recovered and grew by 14% in the summer of 2019, which was the last before the pandemic.


Written by Julian Black

Edited by Elena Puerta

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