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Washington, September 21 (EFE) .- Horror literature is on its anniversary: ​​its proclaimed king, the American author Stephen King, turns 75 this Wednesday with a last work “Fairy Tale” recently published and little intention of keeping his pen.

He was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine, and with his first contributions to the school newspaper, he built a career that brought him worldwide fame with his first published novel, “Carrie” (1974).

To his credit, according to Greg Howard, professor of contemporary American fiction at the University of Maine, he grounds his stories in “real” fears and emotions, mixing styles brilliantly and taking the reader to extremes that surprise him. What if what he described really happened.

Stephen King
A book cover by Stephen King. EFE/Raul Martinez

“Always try to keep up with what’s happening around you. He feels that his duty as a writer is to take the temperature of the world,” the expert, who teaches at the same institution where King studied as a young man, told Ife.

His bibliography includes novels, short stories, scripts and even comics, and with “Carrie” he blazed a trail that has been a constant in his professional career, seeing many of his works adapted into movies.

That first film was brought to the big screen for the first time in 1976 by Brian De Palma; Stanley Kubrick went bold with “The Shining” (The Glow) in 1980; Rob Reiner a decade later with “Sorrow”; Frank Darabont with “The Green Mile” in 1999 or Andy Muschietti with “It” in 2017.

His latest work, which went on sale in the US on September 6, has been entrusted to Briton Paul Greengrass, who is responsible for three films in the Bourne saga.

Stephen King: Literary and Cinematographic Achievements

Stephen King
Author Stephen King. EFE/EPA/Michelle Reynolds

The success of these classics of the seventh art must be seen, according to Howard, as a direct consequence of King’s quality as a writer: “His books are so attractive that directors find it easy to imagine them.”

According to University of Southern California researcher Thomas Gustafson, King is “part of the horror narrative tradition in American literature and culture.”

This tradition goes back to “the New England Puritan fear of evil, Satan, ungodly monsters, and our own lack of kindness, compassion, and love, which can bring us divine reward or punishment,” he explains.

King himself defines himself as an instinctive writer who lets himself go once he knows where he wants to go: “Our narrators don’t have a very clear idea of ​​what we’re doing. When it’s good they usually don’t know why and when it’s bad, they don’t either,” he says in his book “On Writing.”

Stephen King
American author Stephen King presents his new novel “Doctor Sleep”. EFE/Maja Hitiz

In that reflection on his creative process, he admits that in his interest, which he dare not call obsession, why, if there is a God, “so terrible” things happen (“Stand”), the fine dividing line. between reality and fantasy (“The Dark Half”)” and above all the irresistible appeal that violence can have for people of essentially good nature (“The Shining”)”.

Interests that have shifted to paper have earned him the American National Medal of Arts (2015) and the National Book Foundation (2003) for his contribution to American letters, or thirteen awards from the Association of Horror Writers, first in 1987 for “Misery” and last in 2013 for “Doctor Sleep”. For (Doctor Sueño).

“Writing isn’t about making money, being famous, flirting a lot or making friends. Ultimately, it’s about enriching the lives of the people who read what you do and enriching yours at the same time,” says the author.
Raja, who is married and father of three children, has been engaged in this work for almost five decades.

And as he said in 2019, he plans to do this until he receives a divine sign: «God will tell me when to retire. It will say: ‘Stop it, hang up your boots, your cycle is over’. But until then, I’ll carry on. It’s the best job in the world, because no one can force me to retire at a certain age.

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