Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

WASHINGTON, September 20 (EFE).- Republican MEP Diana Riba, spokesperson for the Escarra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) in the European Parliament, insisted on Tuesday that the Juntas per Catalunya (JXCAT) must decide whether it wants to continue with the agreements. of the government

“What is becoming clear is the crisis of the junta per Catalonia rather than the crisis of the government. JxCat has to decide if it wants to continue with these government contracts and see how they progress,” he told EFE.

Riba remains in Washington until Wednesday, where he traveled from Strasbourg on Friday to attend the annual press freedom conference of the Transnational Leadership Network (TLN) and where he also held other meetings on the defense of democracy and fundamental rights.

The trip coincides with a crucial week in trying to reach an agreement that would allow the ERC and JxCat to redirect their crisis and save the government coalition ahead of a general policy debate in parliament from September 27 to 30.

This debate is the deadline imposed by JxCat on its partners in government to agree on the restructuring of its policies that meet the three points included in the legislative agreement and not yet established: the creation of a single strategic direction of the independence movement, in dialogue with the deputies of the ERC and Junta in Madrid and the state. Discusses self-determination and amnesty.

“The next steps towards independence must be marked by all of us,” Riba added when asked about the role of the “Council for the Republic”, a para-institutional space headed by former Belgian President Carles Puigdemont. Play in search of a new freedom roadmap.

The more people join the effort, he notes, the stronger it is.

“On this path we must not leave anyone behind. This has always been the position of Eschera and therefore all actors, whoever they are, are welcome, but they will not continue on their own path, we must all go. We are in a time that Seeking alliance with all individuals, entities who want to work for freedom.

His agenda in Washington, the city where the Catalan president, Pere Aragon├ęs, will arrive this Wednesday, includes meetings with representatives of organizations such as Freedom House, the Wilson Center or PEN America, dedicated to the promotion of democracy and fundamental rights.

“In all the meetings we feel that we can help each other a lot on both sides, especially on issues like freedom of expression or the use of Pegasus,” he said of the spying program he himself was a victim of.

Riba, vice president of the Commission of Inquiry in the European Parliament on the use of this ‘software’, condemned that there is “absolute impunity” in its use “because it is an easy program to use.”

In his meetings, he also highlighted the need to act globally on behalf of freedom of expression and shifted community efforts to limit abusive legal actions aimed at intimidating and silencing critical voices of journalists and other members of society, a guideline for which. It is expected to be finalized ‘in this coming year’.

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