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Miami, September 21 (EFE) .- Rafael does not think about his retirement and is “happy” with his next album “Victoria” which contains eleven “songs” by the composer Pablo Lopez, one of which will be released when he receives the Billboard Artist Awards next week in Miami. Trajectory, according to Efe.

The public performance of his debut single “De Tanta Gente” on stage at the Billboard Latin Music Awards will be a gift to his audience and to those who chose to reward him for his long and successful career in music.

In a telephone interview from Madrid, Rafael, 79 years old and 60 years old on stage and in the studio, is grateful for the many awards, but above all excited about “Victoria”, which he recorded between Madrid and London and will release as two singles next November.

“I deserved a great album like this,” he says without appreciating Pablo López, a composer in his thirties and new to his career, whom he “commissioned a lapidary” after following in his footsteps for years and gave him without hesitation. Say yes.

A “lapidary” commission

“I wanted a whole album, not one song, and let’s see how we go,” insists Raphael, who has sold more than 70 million records and is in the small group of holders of a uranium disc (more than 50 million sold) , Queen, AC/ Along with DC and Michael Jackson.

Raphael insists that it has not been so easy for him to find a great collection in recent times.

“One time I had a kick and a lot of great songs came out to my liking,” he says with a certain melancholy, referring fondly to Manuel Alejandro, the writer of many of his greatest hits.

Singer Raphael at a concert
Singer Raphael at a concert. EFE / Carlos Ortega

Asked if the quality of composers has declined, the one who was known in his early days as the “child of Linares” does not fall for the criticism, but rather blames it on the fact that it is difficult to please someone like him, so perfectionist and at the same time with a very marked style.

“These are other times”, “everything changes”, are his answers to questions that imply that any time in the past was better.
He insists that the current trend of releasing a large number of singles in “Little Pills” before albums does not go with him. “I think it’s taking things too lightly and I’m stronger,” he says.

“Victory”, his new album

Only two songs from “Victoria” would be released before this. The first, “among so many people”, is in about two weeks.

Earlier, on September 29, he will go on stage at the Watsco Center in Coral Gables (Miami-Dade) to receive an award that has already been received by Andrea Bocelli, Armando Manzanero, Carlos Santana, Emmanuel, Jose Jose, Juan Luis Guerra, Los Lobos. Received before. , Mana, Marco Antonio Solís, Miguel Bose, Paquita La del Barrio, Ricardo Arzona and Roberto Carlos, among others.

As an artist who prides himself on being “in good health” and active in his profession, Rafael will take to the stage to sing at the gala broadcast on Telemundo and thousands will see the hitherto unreleased “Many” and some of his greatest hits, including ” Yo Soe Que”, “En Carne Viva” and “Me Gran Noche”.

At 79, Raphael doesn’t think about his retirement and is full of plans and some mystery.

His next tour with the album “Victoria” will start in April, about four months after the current one, which will end in December in Madrid, the album of his 60-year career called “Raphael 6.0”.

In between, he has a project that he only mentions is “so beautiful” like the documentary they made for him.

Raphael doesn’t think about his retirement: “It’s too far”

Born in 1943 in Linares (Jaén), Miguel Rafael Martos Sánchez, universally known as Raphael, is a pioneer of romantic ballads in Spanish who, with his unique voice and interpretive style, transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

The Billboard agency and Hispanic channel Telemundo, when they announced the award for Rafael, on September 1, said that “he will be honored for his exceptional professional career and his artistic and personal contributions that have influenced the development of Latin music worldwide.” .

When asked about his “joys” in the context of the title of his album, the singer said that he has “a lot”: his family, his friends, the fact of being with his fellow artists, the affection of the public and a “career” wonderful 60 years old.
“I don’t know about other artists, but it’s true for me when I say I don’t want to retire. One day I’ll get up and say ‘so far’, but it’s far away,” he says.

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