Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
the ship "OS 35" Gibraltar Beach.  EFE/A.  Carrasco Regal/Archive

Córdoba (EFE) .- The Andalusian government’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development has closed as a “precaution” the shellfish production area on the Andalusian coast affected by the OS35 vessel accident off the coast of Gibraltar. last august

Speaking to reporters in Córdoba, Minister Carmen Crespo announced “compensatory measures for the affected sector” charged to the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and highlighted “coordination with all those affected”.

“Although it is true that the analyzes are negative, the correct information that continues to reach the coast on time shows that we are doing the right thing in protecting the fisheries,” he argued.

In addition, he recalled that the decision to close these fishing grounds was taken with those involved as a result of the accident and to ensure maximum food security, affecting three bivalve shellfish production areas on the coast of Cádiz (Palmones, La Linea-Bahia and La Atunara -La Alcaidesa).

Device around bulk carrier 'OS 35', anchored off Gibraltar.  EFE/A.  Carrasco Regal/Archive

The measure adopted by the board responds to the “unique state” of bivalve molluscs, which are more sensitive to the possible presence of toxins.


To monitor the area, the board is gathering all information and analysis “in a timely manner” and running a “situational action protocol” to “assess whether any situation may arise as a result of the spill”.

Finally, he explained that the tuna fishing sector “accepted unemployment in the face of this situation” and “ertes until mid-October”, for which he explained that “compensatory measures will be mediated through the FEMP” because «we must protect . In these temporary situations the sector is where it becomes much more vulnerable». EFE

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