Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Pamplona, ​​September 21 (EFE).- Firefighters believe they have the fire under control, which broke out yesterday afternoon in Mount Ezcaba and forced the mobilization of four planes and six helicopters from the central and regional governments, in addition to ground forces.

About 70 firefighters worked through the night to finish work and provide refreshments, and in the early morning the Pamplona Ring Road (PA-30) between Villava and Noyin, as well as the Izcaba Tunnel, was closed from the N-121-A yesterday, so the traffic situation normalized. Navarra government sources told Efe.

And they added that those responsible for the operation met at the advanced command post first thing in the morning to assess next steps and air resource requirements.

Despite the fire’s proximity to stockpiling and population centers, the fire did not pose a risk to them or nearby industrial estates, so no evacuations were required.

Yes, the Navarre Forest Fire Emergency Civil Protection Plan was raised to level 2, active since July 11, and 1 coordination plane, 3 cargo planes on the ground, two of them from Agoncillo (La Rioja) and 6 helicopters, Ejea (Zaragoza ) and two from Lubia (Soria).

In addition, local police from the Forest Guard, the Regional Police, the Civil Guard, Ansoin, Beriojar, Berioplano, Burlada and Villava, as well as volunteers from the Red Cross and the Vice President of the Government of Navarre, Javier Remerez, assessed the fire situation with those responsible for the operation when the aerial assets were withdrawn during the night. Travels to the site to do so.

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