Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Madrid, September 21 (EFE).- With the main indicators reading the Covid pandemic, the community of Madrid will try this Wednesday to open the debate on the elimination of the mandatory use of masks in public transport, although this is not the issue. On the agenda of the meeting between health and autonomy.

Today’s meeting of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS), which will be held at the gates of the communities that launched the fourth dose vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, will be held by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darius and the communities. Analyze the evolution of the epidemic, as well as the transmission situation and the monkeypox vaccine.

However, despite not being on the agenda, Madrid’s health minister, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, announced that the community would try to open a debate to stop the mandatory use of masks in transport, “to control the Covid and with the lowest number of hospitalizations and deaths in recent days.

An initiative supported by the capital’s mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, as well as the Association of Air Lines (ALA), which advocates eliminating masks on planes like the rest of the European Union (EU). has already been completed.

Also, according to the agenda, at the Inter-Country Council this Wednesday, mental health action plans and strategic care frameworks for primary and community, both community and health management institutes (INGESA) will be approved. .

It is 172 million approved by the cabinet to strengthen the primary care, which is reflected in the general budget of the state this year, the items allocated by the autonomous bodies to this service will be added.

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