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Santiago de Compostela, September 21 (EFE).- Galicia wants the headquarters of artificial intelligence promoted by the government and for this the President of the Xunta Alfonso Rueda has demanded the competence of the community to compete with other regions that want this infrastructure. .

During the inauguration of Finisterra III of the Galician Supercomputing Center (, in Santiago de Compostela, where there is a public investment of around seven million euros, Rueda assured that there are “very strong arguments” and “sufficient reasons” for Galicia to be a candidate “to be taken into consideration”.

State-of-the-art artificial intelligence in Spain

Cesga is part of the State Supercomputing Network, which has 14 centers and its new computer is the second strongest in Spain in terms of storage capacity and computing power, with 4.36 petaflops after Barcelona’s Mare Nostrum.

According to the director of Cesga, Lois Orosa, Finisterrae III, which has about 800 users, including companies, researchers and public centers, is “very competitive” in Europe, although not so much in the whole world, where it is not the first among 500, although it is Galicia does not want to host artificial intelligence.

In fact, he pointed out, entering that club would require an investment of around 35 million euros – according to 2020 calculations – to match a center in Finland.

Supercomputing and weather forecasting against cancer

In his speech, Rueda recalled some of the fields in which researchers work on the Galician supercomputer, weather forecasting, cancer research, biotechnology, pharmacy, industry, fishing and the environment, among many others.

The Galician president noted that the director of the center himself recalled in his speech that the users of Finisterre III are already demanding more power, more services. “That means, we’re inaugurating it and it’s already very small… and that’s not bad news,” said Rueda, who highlighted that Galicia is in the “leading group” of a technology that will continue to grow.

For this and other reasons, Galicia wants the headquarters of artificial intelligence, since it will contribute to future industrial development with multiple applications and impact on daily life, from fighting cancer to predicting the weather.

Collaboration with CSIC

CESGA Foundation is a non-profit organization in the service of scientific and technological research. The Xunta de Galicia and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) participate as sole members of the Board of Trustees.

The Vice President of CSIC and the Deputy Director General of Scientific-Technical Facilities of the Ministry of Science and Innovation also took part in the opening ceremony, highlighting the collaboration between administrations and the importance of the Galician Center for researchers throughout the country. . EFE


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