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Valladolid (EFE).- The plenary session of the Cortes de Castilla y León has been suspended for 15 minutes because of the anger, reproaches, insults and lack of control experienced by the obstacles felt in the chamber, while a bill to change the method of electing autonomous senators is being debated.

The episode comes hours after the debate was interrupted at the same venue when Board Vice President Juan Garcia-Gallardo (Vox) called CS’s former vice president and current attorney “reckless” and an “accused criminal.” Francisco Igea, when he was in the speaker’s gallery.

At which time the session was adjourned.

Shortly before 2:00 p.m., when the last item on the agenda was already being debated, amid the prevailing buzz, and just after United We Can spokesman Pablo Fernandez had finished speaking, several members of the government interrupted. The PP spokesman, Raul de la Hoz, consulted the lawyer of the vice president of Cortes, Francisco Vázquez (PP), when he was heard saying in the background: “I’m going to suspend the session and we will resume it in the afternoon, which is fucking…”.

“I’m going to adjourn the session and we’ll resume it in the afternoon, screw them…”.

Francisco Vazquez (PP)

“The session is adjourned for 15 minutes,” said Francisco Vazquez moments later, who, after turning off the microphone, said in a low voice: “This is fucking.”

This led to a clash between Pablo Fernández (UP), García-Gallardo (Vox) and Popular Group spokesman Raul de la Hoge. Fernández questioned whether the new model for electing senators could lead to cases like the vice president, charged “without doing anything,” who went to speak to Cortes “when they opened his mouth” and “dedicated himself to humiliation.” people”.

Following these words, García-Gallardo scolded him from his seat and Pablo Fernández challenged him to stop speaking “for the lowly people” and to seize the opportunity to request that, as a member of the government, he intervene on the floor. . “Have courage and courage,” he challenged him, convinced that Pippi and Vox were trying to turn Cortes into their “farmhouse” and “pighouse.”

From his seat, the PP spokesman asked Fernández to leave the speakers’ gallery because he had already made “videos” to use them on social networks, to which the representative of United We Can replied that he did not need the videos: «You will not order anyone”, he added

“Stop fooling around” was heard from some seats in the hemicycle, which created even more excitement and ended the temporary suspension.

Pollan returned and asked Garcia-Gallardo to speak

Fifteen minutes after the announcement, already with the president of Cortes, Carlos Pollan (Vox), after being relieved by Vázquez (PP) during the interruption, the session resumed with the appeal to “respect” and “order”, in the words of the president of the legislature.

Afterwards, the vice president of the board, Juan García-Gallardo, asked for the floor “due to personal references” and complained about the “insults” and “attacks” directed at him and his party by the mixed group and the PSOE and defended their “right to exist” as a party. “There is

without indicating His confrontation with Izia yesterday, whom he called “stupid”, García-Gallardo said: “As a coalition government, as a party and I as vice president, we are enduring ad-hominem attacks, provocations and insults from the mixed group and the PSOE which are completely unacceptable and which embarrass me deeply.”

“Let’s go back to making it a house of words,” said the vice president, who asked his party to acknowledge the controversies raised over issues such as “gender ideology” and to avoid turning Cortes into “a pig.”

Then he asked for the word Iga (CS), to remember that “only one person has insulted a prosecutor and that is the vice president”, while in the next shift, with a calm spirit after the break, the socialist prosecutor Luis Briones said to all parliamentary groups “respect and Resumed discussion on the forms used in the Chamber to ask the President of Cortes for “justification”.

Attorneys of the Joint Parliamentary Group of the Court of Justice of Castilla y Leon, Pablo Fernandez (l) and Francisco Igea (r.EFE/ Nacho Gallego)

“What happened here is an embarrassment and a dishonor for this chamber,” he said briefly, adding that Cortes’ vice president was not “what was supposed to be” and that he was the vice president of the board who had to do. Analyze “what he is doing” because “he is very responsible for what is happening.” EFE

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