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ZARAGOZA, September 20 (EFE).- Work has already begun to secure and consolidate the southeast tower of the Basilica of El Pilar in Zaragoza, which suffered a landslide at the beginning of September.

Brigades from the Zaragoza City Council’s Urban Planning and Facilities Area have begun removing loose pieces from the tower located along Milagro de Calanda Street. The Consistory is acting in a supportive manner as the temple is owned by the Metropolitan Council.

Actions include the removal of a stone that threatened to fall, weighing more than 20 kilos and which has been stored in the sanctuary of the basilica in the custody of the chapter.

The rest of the tower’s cornice has also been modified. There it has been detected that there is more damage in the area near the clock with a possible risk of disintegration, so some more parts may be removed, Zaragoza Town Hall reports.

The Minister of Urban Planning and Facilities, Victor Serrano, emphasized that this was an “urgent” step and explained that work was being done to ensure safety throughout the building, sanitation work and the removal of materials. Dangerous events that they run into public streets.

Consolidation work is underway at the landslide-hit Pillar Tower
Consolidation work on the southeast tower of the Basilica del Pilar, which suffered a landslide in early September. EFE/Javier Belvar

There is no risk to the structure of the temple

Additionally, it ruled out that there could be a risk to the building’s structure and attributed the damage to “deterioration caused by time and adverse weather conditions”.

On October 8, the Fiestas del Pilar begins and the square of the same name is the nerve center of planned activity.

“No one chooses a date for this kind of emergency. The first thing for these kinds of problems is protection,” Serrano said respectfully.

After these works, it will be necessary to carry out consolidation and repair works on the cornice, which Zaragoza City Council will also carry out in a subsidiary manner.

But to start these restoration actions, we must wait for the Provincial Heritage Commission of the Government of Aragon, which will proceed with the report on the repair work and the consolidation of the damage found at its meeting on September 29. In that southeast tower.

Second separation

Already last May, after another specific incident of landslides in the northeast tower (on the same street but facing the Paseo de Echegare y Caballero), an execution order was issued for the Metropolitan Council. Repair of all facades and towers and possible damages that may be found.

At the moment, the council is working on the elaboration of a project for the intervention, analysis and repair of the facade.

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