Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Mexico City, September 13 (EFE)- Uber’s “Cities in Motion” forum will return to its second edition this month to discuss the role of technology in cities to contribute to sustainable mobility and the recovery of the Mexican economy.

The event is organized by the Technical Platform in collaboration with EFE Agency and will be held on September 27 at the Estacion Indianla Cultural Center. Experts from different sectors will talk about the post-pandemic economic recovery and the future of cities with new paradigms of work and consumption.

“We all build cities,” said Juan Pablo Iroa, director of Uber Mobility for Mexico. “For a city to successfully address all its day-to-day challenges, there needs to be a constant dialogue involving experts, civil society, the private sector and authorities,” he concluded.

The pandemic sparked the use of home delivery or “delivery” apps and services around the world, while for many small businesses these technologies were essential to survive the effects of lockdown measures.

Likewise, it has accelerated the shift towards remote work and forced us to rethink the urban planning of major cities around the world, with a variety of implications for governments, companies and households.

“Electronic commerce has established itself as an ally for the development of cities. This forum will be a place to reflect and build together digital markets that unlock growth and competitive opportunities for Mexican companies of all sizes and industries,” added Daniel Colunga, General Director of Uber Eats Mexico.


This edition’s panelists will debate four topics: the transformation of mobility, public policy and safety for women in public space, the rise of electronic commerce and the new dynamics of the future of work.

Among the exhibitors, the intervention of those responsible for innovative public policies in Mexico is expected; Chilean Congresswoman Carolina Goic; Waze Mexico director, Ingrid Avilés, or Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) director, Pierre-Claude Blais.

The first edition was held in 2020, when fundamental issues to promote inclusive and sustainable urban development were also addressed.

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