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Valencia, September 20 (EFE).- The mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribo, announced this Tuesday to his party colleagues that, if they decide, he will be a compromise candidate for mayor in the 2023 municipal elections for the third time. To complete pending projects and continue working for this city.

This was pointed out by the Compromise per Valencia spokesperson at his party’s local rally, where his tendency to headline again was received with applause and shouts of “mayor, mayor” from those present.

Ribo, who has been mayor of Spain’s third-largest city since 2015, called for a “great consensus” to be reached when creating the list and program and assured that working for the city is “exciting” with love for everyone.

He dedicated his first words to the former Vice President of the Generalitat and party colleague Mónica Oltra, who “had a very bad time yesterday” when he was announced as a defendant before a judge for covering up allegations of abuse of a minor under guardianship, and assured that they are all with him. And she said the trial “goes as quickly as possible.”

The mayor, who turned 75 on Saturday, indicated that his decision to present himself was personal and that he took it after he had overcome health problems caused by a herniated disc in recent months, as he now finds himself working for the vast majority of the population. go to

“It was not an easy mandate, we still have something to do,” said Ribo, who highlighted that Valencia could soon be designated the European Green Capital and the headquarters of the Artificial Intelligence Smart City Southern Europe Hub.

He stressed that Compromise has “a great deal with the Valencians”, for whom he worked during the crisis caused by the coronavirus to help those who had the worst time, and that the result is “positive” and cheap in the unemployment data. .

Ribo indicated that the railway infrastructure projects or mobility changes also remain to be completed, since the city is “changing” and internationally recognized, for which he wants to continue working to continue Valencia as a place where “it is wonderful” to live and work.

In statements to the media, he emphasized that his first objective is “to win over leftist and progressive forces” and the second is to achieve the best possible results, for which it is necessary to work in a “plural model” of “local government, as in his two orders.”

In the statement he made on the day that he had had enough with two mandates, Ribeau pointed out that when he said he did not know that the pandemic would come, which prevented much from being done for two years and forced many. Resources must be allocated to solving people’s most immediate problems, not 8 to manage for like 6 years.

Ribeau indicated that it would seem “very healthy” to present his alternative candidacy in Compromise, since there are “a lot of highly qualified people”, and he stressed that it would not affect the final list, which would be the party’s, not the mayor’s.

However, he admitted that he prefers the model where the executive works to agree on lists rather than holding primaries, because it allows for a “certain balance” of knowledge and not, for example, all candidates are teachers. Valencians or Engineers.

Finally, he said he was not “worried” about the elections, and stressed that they were always “very balanced” between parties on the left and the right.

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