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Las Rojas (Madrid), September 20 (EFE).- Marco Asensio has ruled out a decision to leave the club nine months before his contract with Real Madrid expires and will soon receive a renewal offer, but he has not denied the information. Which puts him in Barcelona’s orbit or ensures that he won’t play for Barca.

“Hopefully the renewal can be granted,” assured Marco Asensio in an interview with the Kop’s ‘El Great Match’. “We will see what happens, you never know, things can change very quickly in the world of football. I can’t say anything else because I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

When asked about Barcelona’s interest, Asensio made it clear that he was focusing on Real Madrid and the national team, but he did not close the door. “Honestly I don’t know. What I’m really focusing on. I just think about the present, now, giving everything with the national team and my club»

“I didn’t think about it (playing for Barcelona), nor did I value it. I can’t answer right now, I don’t know. These are the things that come out. This morning I had 200 messages. I am telling you that I am in a world where there are many rumours, speculations and that is normal. In seven months I can sign with any club and it’s normal for many to leave and they will leave for sure. We’re in that circle where there’s going to be news every day and I can’t control that.”

Asensio reviewed a difficult summer in which he considered leaving Real Madrid and explained why he decided to stay. “I’m in a good moment, calm. August was a bit tricky because of the uncertainty but I’m happy with the decision I made.

“Of course there were alternatives. In the end, I decided because I am still confident that I can help Real Madrid, I want to continue winning trophies with the club. I think it was right and I’m really looking forward to it. In the end, it wasn’t a decision that was entirely up to me. These are things that you have to talk about with the club, with the coach, you put everything in balance and you decide from there. But because of the project and because of Ancelotti’s confidence, I never really thought I could leave.”

After being booed by Madrid fans at the Santiago Bernabeu, Asensio explained his anger as the minutes ran out against Mallorca and stayed with those who applauded him.

“There will always be discussions. I am a person who shows me when I am happy and when I am angry. The change didn’t happen, it was a special game for me because it was against a former team, we were drawing, I thought I could help. It was unlucky because of the teammate’s injury but well, in the end he won and it remains a legend. There is no problem with the coach,” he said.

“The only thing I thought about was trying to turn it around, let them see that my commitment is one hundred percent as it has been these seven years at Madrid. Then the moment of the goal and the applause. I have a lot of respect for the Madrid fans at the Bernabeu, they are free to express their opinion. I think we always have to go one, that’s how we’ve always been able to win a lot.”

Support for Vinicius: “Watch football with joy”

Dancing in the spotlight for his celebration with Vinicius and what happened around his image, including racist insults, Marco Asensio showed full support for his partner.

“He’s a very humble boy and he watches football with joy. Let him dance when he celebrates a goal, as long as he doesn’t disrespect, I think it’s perfect. Everyone wants to see joy, good football and that’s what Vinny sends. Obviously racism. Should be kept away. I think they are a minority. It’s not all hobbies. People who do this don’t have to taint a hobby or the whole country.

“Vinny knows this. When there is a reaction to what happened, because there is something that we have to stop, it is something that has no place in our society,” he added.

Finally, he admits that Vinicius is motivated by engaging in spades with rivals and entering into provocations. “He’s young and I’m sure he’s got a lot to learn. There are players who have that controversy, that struggle, it’s good for him to motivate himself, and I think he motivates himself with all that.

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