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Madrid, September 20 (EFE) .- Atlético de Madrid “expressly condemns the unacceptable chants made by minority fans outside the stadium before the derby takes place,” the club announced on Tuesday in a statement about racist chants.

He declared “zero tolerance for racism” and contacted the authorities to make himself available and identify the perpetrators of the shouting outside the stadium.

Atletico de Madrid fans before the start of the match.
Atletico de Madrid fans before the start of the match. EFE/Juanjo Martin/File

“Racism is one of the biggest scourges in our society and unfortunately football and clubs are not immune to its presence. Our club has always been characterized as an open and inclusive place for fans of different nationalities, cultures, races and social classes and some thousands of athletes have been tarnished. Can’t do those who support their team with passion and respect for the rival “, says Rojiblanco Club.

Racist chants against Vinicius were heard outside the stadium during Sunday’s derby against Real Madrid.

“These songs cause us a lot of rejection and anger and we will not allow any person to make racist or xenophobic insults under the guise of our colour. At Atlético de Madrid we have zero tolerance for racism, our commitment to fighting this social scourge is complete and we will not stop until we eradicate it.”

Atlético de Madrid invites reflection

Atlético invites all professionals related to the world of football to “reflect deeply”. “Fans are asked for prudence and rationality, and yet, professionals from various fields have created an artificial campaign during the week, lighting the fuse of controversy without measuring the impact of their actions and demonstrations,” the statement explained.

“The pain the Rosiblanca family has felt for this event is enormous. We cannot allow anyone to associate our fans with this type of behavior and question our values ​​because of a minority that does not represent us. Our decision is strong and firm and we will not stop until we expel them from the red and white family because they cannot be part of it,” he concluded.

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