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LOS ANGELES (USA), September 19 (EFE).- The global influence of Rosalia’s music is well known, but there is another young Spanish woman who has been touring Europe, Asia and America for the past 4 years. Has established himself as one of the best personalities in dance hall.

With a stage name that means bad girl in Spanish, this Barcelonan from Vilaser de Mar (Spain) went from working in a bakery to giving concerts in Japan, Germany and the United States, where she performed as a main attraction this week at Primavera in Los Angeles (USA). First edition of Sound Festival.

His versatile talent for adapting to popular rhythms such as ‘dancehall’, reggaeton, ‘dembo’ or ‘trap’ and at only 25 years old, the artist, real name Alba Farello i Sole, has come to appointments after recording with famous people like Scott Storch. Producers, five platinum discs, one gold disc and ten million monthly listeners add to the reproduction of platforms such as YouTube or Spotify.

“My audience around the world is the same: young people who like music to have fun and go dancing,” Bad Gyal noted in an interview with IF in Los Angeles.

The fact is that for some time it has become a factory of musical hits that are repeated again and again in clubs, especially in Spain and Latin America, delighting fans who appreciate the songs very focused on the empowerment of women and women. sexual freedom

A part of the new generation of young people now dances on the TikTok social network to songs like “Flow 2000”, “Su Peita (Gramos)”, “Fibre” or “Nueva York (Tot*)” for ‘what will they say’ or for their bodies due to social norms. ashamed Something that is largely thanks to his music.

“I am a woman who expresses herself openly and without fear of judgment, but it used to be the rebellious speech of others, because of which now there is less prejudice when talking about certain topics,” explained the artist who sang. Spanish, Catalan and English in recent years.

Although there are still many taboos for women, even in the genre aimed at a young audience, and Bad Gal bets on a breakthrough message in his works, where he does not hesitate to talk about girls who use drugs when going out to parties or relationships. And sexual preferences are very clear.

“The thing that makes a man most uncomfortable is a woman who doesn’t follow an established principle,” says Bad Gyal, adding that “a thin, white, blonde girl” is in a “privileged” position to deal with these issues.

His push coincides with figures like Dominican Toquischa or Puerto Rican Villano Antillano, who are shaking up the Spanish-language urban music scene with references to the LGTBIQ+ community and normalizing diversity among young people.

“Two lesbian women who follow normative beauty models are still far more acceptable than black and Dominican, black and Dominican.”

“They are much braver than me, I assure you,” insisted the singer, who will soon perform in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

After hanging up ‘no tickets’ signs at their concerts in New York and Los Angeles, Bad Gal will kick off the summer season with a new single, as yet untitled, that will accompany their hits “La Prendo” and “Sexy.” .

Meanwhile, Bad Goyal promises to keep youth around the world dancing to irreverent songs “inspired by women who dare to do what they want, even if they’re judged.”

Edited by Juan K. Ochoa

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