Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Madrid, September 19 (EFE).- Social security partners in the tourism sector added more than 2.6 million linked to this activity, 11% more than a month ago, confirmed the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Reyes Marotto.

According to the minister, four out of every ten new jobs were created in August thanks to the tourism sector, which represents, he said, 13.2% of Spain’s total employment.

At a breakfast organized by Europa Press and related to the energy sector, Marotto confirmed that Spain will adapt to the instrument that has finally been designed and approved by the European Commission (EC) to apply a tax on the extraordinary profits of energy companies.

The industry minister specified that the decision the government was preparing on the matter “will be aligned with what Brussels says.”

“We had an emergency and we designed a shock plan,” he said of the new tax on energy companies proposed by the government on the income of those companies, which included oil companies, and another special tax on banks due to the energy crisis. gas

Maroto emphasized that the government “expected itself and now we are going to adapt the instrument to the existing agreement in the EC.”
“We were the first, but we have to join the designs that come from Europe,” he noted.

Maroto noted that the EC is “still debating the design and the extent to which it will be regulated” of the aforementioned tax on excess profits of energy companies.

The minister expressed himself along the same lines of the European proposal to reduce the energy consumption of large companies by 5% at peak times to promote savings and indicated that this design “needs to be known” in more detail.

As for electric cars, the head of industry indicated that 11.2% of vehicles currently manufactured in Spain are already electrified, “a figure that was unimaginable four years ago,” he noted.

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